Terrecotte Europe

Product range

Terrecotte Europe share the passion and devotion for the natural handmade product with their producers. Our product range focuses largely on this wonderful handcrafted product, that has the rare capability of bringing the sun out to all kinds of environments

Terracotta, handcrafted

Floor tiling Evenly coloured floorings, Floorings with shade variations, Multicoloured floorings,  Mosaic floors, Seamless flooring, Flooring finishes, Historic floors

Wall tiling Colours, Decorations

Building materials for renovation & restoration

Pottery A wide variety of handcrafted terracotta pottery; Dealers in The Netherlands and Belgium. Visit our webshop

Terracotta, machine made

To provide for large projects such as pavements, floors and stairs for parks and public places, a wide range of machine made terracotta tiles is available. These tiles have a high wear-and-tear resistance, a deep and permanent protection against efflorescence and high level of absorbency of the surface.

Marble, handcrafted

As in fact all handcrafted natural products have our passion, you will also find marble to be one of our highly appreciated products within our range.

Also available

To enable completion of designs, also available are various other products such as glass, porcelain, metal and stone tiling ...

and Dutch handpainted Delft Blue tiilng can be made available. Please contact us for more information.