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Terrecotte Europe specialize in providing highly qualitative handmade terracotta wall and floor tiling, building materials for renovation and restoration and pottery from a selective number of Italian and Spanish producers, who have a long history of producing outstanding handmade terracotta. Being a natural material, terracotta and its wonderfully charming look creates joyful living and is available in various colours and finishes to suit your taste. We happily invite consumers, architects and designers to enjoy our products in their designs. We are dedicated to contributing to the architectural and designing process by presentation of designs, applications, samples and information on installation and maintenance of our products. All our products meet the required standards. 


With amazing attention to detail, our producers create stunning terracotta pottery in all sizes and shapes. All pottery is frostresistant and hand made of the finest Italian clay from the Tuscan region. 

All varieties are available in various sizes with regards to the internal diameter of the pots. Are you looking for a specific pot or diameter, please contact us; our producers are able to produce on specific order.

The history of hand crafted terracotta pottery

The tradition of manually producing terracotta products goes back centuries; most of our 'fornaces' are descendants of the first terracotta producing families in Italy. 

Starting off with the production of terracotta barrels for the storage of olive oil and pots to grow olive trees in order to meet the growing demand for olive oil, our terracotta producing families have followed and perfected the ancient traditions of the production of handcrafted terracotta.

The expensive olive oil was requested by the royal and religious powers of those days: monasteries and kings, surrounding themselves with the best riches of the earth, competing for worldly power by means of richly decorated buildings; a new opportunity for the terracotta producing families, who started to dedicate their small furnaces to the production of building materials such as roof tiles and floor tiling.

Hand crafted terracotta pottery today

In their quest for perfection, our fornaces are now replicating -in the same dedicated and passionate fashion their ancestors used to do- , not only a limited series of historic pottery as you can find here, but historic floors as well.

With its natural appearance, terracotta has a way of making you feel right at home in any environment. Modest and with its ever changing shade variations, the handmade terracotta product has honest, relaxing and even soothing features as it was made with passion, attention and dedication.

All our terracotta products are made by hand. The clay is shaped by hand or moulded into wooden or stone moulds and decorated by hand. Having dried for a couple of days the pots are cooked into wood fired ovens at 1200° C.  The striking shade variations that are typical for terracotta is due to the stacking of the tiles and pottery; the lower parts of the oven where the fire touches the product, are hotter than the upper parts and contain less oxygen, which has a lasting and beautifying effect on the terracotta product. 

Some of our Tuscan pottery are replicates of pottery used in medieval times e.g. the Orcio Classico and the Orcio Toscano.

Company logos can be engraved. For more info, please contact us.

All pottery is suitable for outside temperatures of -25 C and have been tested accordingly. 


From their new location in Angeren, Claassen Buitenbeleving transforms your garden or business yard into a special outdoor space that is perfect for your home or business premises. Based on a sophisticated structure, planting plans that bring the best atmosphere and color into the garden every season and providing fitting of accessories, Claassen not only gives shape to your ideas for your outdoor space, but makes it trueand wonderful experience!

Vanuit hun nieuwe locatie in Angeren maakt Claassen Buitenbeleving uw tuin of bedrijfserf tot een bijzondere en perfect bij uw woning of bedrijfspand passende buitenruimte. Aan de hand van een uitgekiende structuur, beplantingsplannen die ieder seizoen het optimale aan sfeer en kleur in de tuin brengen en het aanbrengen van accessoires, geeft Claassen niet alleen vorm aan de functie die u voor uw buitenruimte op het oog heeft maar maakt die tot een ware beleving!

The garden center of Kwekerij G. Meijer is beautifully situated in the Heilooër forest and specializes in perennials (about a thousand species), ornamental grasses, bamboo, ferns, herbs, climbing plants, trees, shrubs, conifers and a large assortment of roses. At Kwekerij Meijer you not only find a representative collection of our handmade and frost-resistant terracotta pottery but professional planting consultants at the same time!

Het tuincentrum van Kwekerij G. Meijer is mooi gelegen in het Heilooërbos en is gespecialiseerd in vaste planten (zo'n duizend soorten), siergrassen, bamboe, varens, kruiden klimplanten, bomen, heesters, coniferen en een groot assortiment rozen. Bij Kwekerij Meijer vindt u niet alleen een representatieve collectie van onze handgemaakt en vorstbestendige terracottapotterie, maar tegelijkertijd ook professionele tuinadviseurs!

Claassen BuitenbelevingZeegsepad 4, 6687LD Angeren

phone +31 (0) 6-51960989 - info@claassenbuitenbeleving.nl

Kwekerij G. Meijer, Westerweg 53a, 1851 AB Heiloo

phone +31 (0) 72-5128936 - info@g-meijer.nl