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Design of meditterranean gardens

The Italian garden architecture represents a combination of Italian and French garden architecture. It distinguishes itself by its Mediterranean designs, with water bodies and swimming pools, padded or stacked wells (water symbolizing the soul), garden statues (Baroque and Renaissance) and terracotta pots planted with olive trees or buxus plants (terracotta symbolizing earth), symmetrically landscaped paths or levels and southern accessories providing a feel of well-ness and relaxation.

Traditionally, the Italian garden architecture has aimed for the wellness of body and mind; where the rulers of other cultures crammed their soldiers, the Roman soldiers - after they had delivered many battles - enjoyed their stay in what is nowadays called "wellness resorts"; beautiful decorated natural and symmetrical gardens with fountains and comfortable  lounge chairs, the soothing lay-out emphasized by pots and statues.

In our present, chaotic days, we seek the same kind of soothing by traveling to the south to de-stress in such miraculous landscapes to experience a sense of peace. Or, we visit wellness centers, where the relaxation of body and mind is taken as a starting point for the décor. 

Both the use of water such as saunas and skinfish baths and the step-by-step lay out of these centers -where use of the sauna precedes bathing-, follows the ancient Roman conviction: a modest structure enhances a relaxed state of mind.

Italy: "the design country", a country being the source of many innovative designs to be encountered in many different forms and applications. Designs are often surprising and at the same time carry a very relaxing feel. Designs 'play' with nature, the surroundings and accessories providing that characteristic lightfulness we are looking for.

Our Mediterranean garden designs are inspired by Italian garden architecture. The uniqueness and lightfulness of the designs, the fascinating color schemes and the symmetrical structure translate into our designs into a surprising, relaxing and romantic garden with a soul. Experience the tranquility of such a special garden is a pleasure in which we are happy to assist you with our designs. 

In the design and construction of such an attractive Italian garden, we use an integral approach: all aspects of the design of the garden, such as the structure design, any desired water parties, lighting, planting and flowering periods are included in the design.





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