The tradition of manually producing terracotta products goes back centuries; most of our 'fornaces' are descendants of the first terracotta producing families in Italy. 

Starting off with the production of terracotta barrels for the storage of olive oil and pots to grow olive trees and in order to meet the growing demand for olive oil, our terracotta producing families have followed and perfected the ancient traditions of the production of handcrafted terracotta. 

In early medieval times, the expensive olive oil was a luxury need of the royal and religious powers. Monasteries and kings, competing for worldly power and surrounding themselves with the best riches of the earth such as the now famous Italian olive oil, found another way to enhance their power: richly decorated buildings.

A new opportunity for the pottery producing families arose and they expanded their businesses to the production of building materials such as roof  and floor tiles and other building materials. 

Along the lines of the ways of producing pottery, our fornaces today have developed their production methods into an artisanal form of art of a kind  our industrialized society has not seen for long.