Terrecotte Benelux/Europe 

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Wall tile

Floor tile

5, Carlos Place Mayfair London


Interior decorating of retail stores: 

Interior wall tiling with handmade Variegato 2Colori black/yellow, yellow/black and orange/yellow, floor  tiling handmade Quadrato Lisciato Rosso, impregnated and with additional colour treatment

Beauty Retail Design   Matches Fashion, London

Interior decorating window dressing: handmade Variegato Quadrati yellow/orange and Variegato Rettangolare Natural sealed yellow/orange

Spencer Park, London

Seamless floor tiilng Quadrati Colore sfumato nero grigio rosso posa accostata

Westlandgracht, Amsterdam

Penthouse flooring with machine made Arrotato da Crudo Quadrati tile, Finish Rustic