Terrecotte Europe

Machine made terracotta

Industrial applications for the traditional terracotta product

To provide for large projects such as pavements, floors and stairs for parks and public places, a wide range of machine made terracotta tiles is available. These tiles have a high wear-and-tear resistance, a deep and permanent protection against efflorescence and high level of absorbency of the surface.

About our producers

Fornace Furnò Agatino & Figli Snc, today well known with the brand “Cotto Furnò”, was established in 1920 with the production of hand made bricks, roof tiles and floor tiles. In the early 70’s with the aim to follow the increasing demand of the building industry, the Company started the production of tiles. In the mid-1980’s, after having provided industrial production facilities, Cotto Furnò resumed its original production. The company offered again terracotta tiles and special pieces made up of natural local clay which gives the product high quality standard and precious textures.

In the furnaces of Gusmano Manetti & Sons located in Ferrone in the midst of the territory of Chianti, Manetti produce Cotto Fiorentino tiles and artisanal terracotta products of exceptional quality, in strict compliance with the ancient traditions of Impruneta. The experience acquired in three centuries of activity combined with the uniqueness of Manetti’s clay result in a material with unique characteristics. The Clay of Galestro present in Manetti’s quarries is indeed an exclusive particularity of the territory of Chianti and it confers to our terracotta floors’ and products’ special qualities in terms of color, resistance, robustness and porosity. The entirely handmade wine amphoras manufactured by Manetti are the result of the solid experience of eight generations in the production of cotto and high quality handmade terracotta.