Terrecotte Europe

Handcrafted terracotta pottery

With amazing attention to detail, our producers create stunning terracotta pottery in all sizes and shapes. All pottery is frostresistant and hand made of the finest Italian clay from the Padania, Tuscan, Pienza and Impruneta region. 

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Padania pottery

Our producer in the area of the Po valley has been realizing handcrafted terracotta products such as bricks, floors, frames, balusters and vases piece by piece, following the traditional rules of dough mixing, moulding and cooking. The Po Valley alluvial lands are present in their quarries with thin overlapping deposits of clays of different quality and origin. This very specific type of clay presents itself in the shades of the various clays manifested after cooking. The decorations are all replicates of those used in medieval times.

Impruneta pottery

Undoubtedly of the finest quality, our pottery from the Impruneta region is made of the best clay Italy has to offer. Solely made by hand, the vases are perfectly shaped without moulds and the applied decorations are all replications of old, historic pottery. As the shaping of the clay and the decorating of the vases is a time consuming process, just a small selection of pottery is available. 

Tuscan pottery

In a more contemporary style, our Tuscan producers create a large variety of handmade pottery, all suitable for outside temperatures of -25C. Made and decorated by hand, the clay is pressed into moulds, left to dry for a couple of days and cooked at 1200C. A number of our Tuscan pottery are replicates of pottery used in medieval times, e.g. the Orcio Classico and the Orcio Toscano. 

Orci da vino - wine emphoras for restaurants

The wine jars produced   entirely by hand in Fornaci Manetti Gusmano & Figli rest on the solid   experience of eight generations in the production of high quality handmade   terracotta and terracottas. The experience, combined with the passion for the   wine world of the Manetti family, since 1968 known for the production of   great wines in the Chianti area in the company of Fontodi, has allowed to   start this project aimed at qualitative excellence for winemaking, always   faithful to the absolute respect of the ancient tradition of Impruneta.

The artisans of Manetti   Gusmano and Figli produce the classic jars for the vinification with the   technique of "founded work", inspired and quite similar to that of   "colombino" or "lucignolo".  

But what makes these jars   even more special is the uniqueness of clay; in the Chianti Classico terroir   the abundant presence of Galestro gives the terracotta special chromatic and   cold resistance characteristics. Among the natural components that compose   it, calcium salts and carbonates, give the product characteristics of   permeability and porosity that are particularly important for terracotta   containers. All these characteristics   combined with the antioxidant action and the high thermal capacity make   terracotta jars of Gusmano Manetti and Figli, an ideal tool for the   production of great wines.

About our producers

Located in Pienza, the most famous village of Val d’Orcia, Gianluca Cencini produces handmade terracotta pottery. The high quality of the clay from their area, combined with the manual processing of expert artisans and the high baking temperature, give Cencini’s products a high frost resistance, ensuring the plants cultivating in the right environment. Cencini’s natural way of processing the clay, according to ancient local tradition, guarantees a traditional, typically Italian look of their beautiful products. 

The Manetti family has been known since 1968 for the production of great wines in the Chianti region. The long-standing experience, combined with their passion for the world of wine, has allowed them to come up with this wine making project aiming at an outstanding quality by always staying faithful to tradition. Manetti’s wine amphoras are made completely by hand following the rules of an ancient technique called ‘Based Work’: the amphora stands still while the artisan goes round and round attaching new clay. The whole process takes three months including a  long drying and a slow firing. Moreover, what makes the amphoras even more special, is the uniqueness of the clay, the abundant presence of Galestro in the terroir of Chianti Classico, which gives special features to the amphoras. Among the natural components of which terracotta is made, the salts and the calcium carbonates confer the right microporosity, enabling the wine to breathe correctly.  All these features, combined with the antioxidant and antibacterial action and the high thermal insulation capacity, make Manetti’s terracotta amphora an ideal tool for the production and sale of great natural wines.  

Terrecotte Toscane RAM, with their workshop in Siena, Tuscany, have been producing handmade terracotta pots and planters made from Tuscan clay for over 30 years. Terrecotte Toscane RAM have been able to withstand the temptations of industrialization and prefers to stain the clay by hand, continuing their traditional path to producing handmade pottery from the precious Tuscan cllay without the use of industrial presses or production methods. The production process is a slow and highly qualitative process, resulting in beautiful pottery that have a natural look and feel. As RAM's pottery is baked on high temperatures, all RAM's pottery is frost resistant up to -25 C.