Terrecotte Europe specialize in providing highly qualitative handmade terracotta wall and floor tiling, building materials for renovation and restoration and pottery from a selective number of Italian and Spanish producers, who have a long history of producing outstanding handmade terracotta. Being a natural material, terracotta and its wonderfully charming look creates joyful living and is available in various colours and finishes to suit your taste. We happily invite consumers, architects and designers to enjoy our products in their designs. We are dedicated to contributing to the architectural and designing process by presentation of designs, applications, samples and information on installation and maintenance of our products. All our products meet the required standards. Terrecotte Europe - Naturally dedicated

ROUGH FINISH for outdoor application

Top carrousel:

C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana Giallo-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana Giallo-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Grezzo-Rosso-Be (2)-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Rosso-Be (2)-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Medievale-Ma (5)-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Medievale-Ma (5)-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (2)-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (2)-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Grezzo-Su (2)-OUDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Su (2)-OUDOOR-Sugaroni

C-HM-Listello rosato-Fu (1)-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Listello rosato-Fu (1)-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (4)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (4)-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci


Our hand crafted and machine made terracotta is available in various finishes, depending on its' appllication. Please find explanations of finishes at the bottom of this page.




C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-RED-OUITDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-RED-OUITDOOR-Bernasconi


C-HM-Grezzo Rosa-Be-RED-OUITDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Grezzo-Rosso-Be (2)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Rosso-Be (2)-RED-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi



C-HM-Grezzo-Su (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Su (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Sugaroni

C-HM-Listello-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Listello-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-HM-Listello-Fu (2)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Listello-Fu (2)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti



C-HM-Medievale-Ma (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Medievale-Ma (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-HM-Naturale Classica--RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Naturale Classica--Co-RED-OUTDOOR-Coto Antiqua

C-HM-Rustica Spazzola-Po-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustica Spazzola-Po-RED-OUTDOOR-Polirone

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (2)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (2)-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (3)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (3)-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (4)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Rustico chairo stonalizzato-Pa (4)-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro Stonalizzato-Pa-RED-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro Stonalizzato-Pa-RED-OUTDOOR-Palmucci






C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo-Be-Mezzana -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Lisciato Mattone Giallo-Be -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Lisciato Mattone Giallo-Be -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro Greca-Pa -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro Greca-Pa -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro-Pa -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Tradizionale Rustico Chiaro-Pa -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Palmucci

C-HM-Tradizionale-Ma (1) -YELLOW-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Tradizionale-Ma (1) -YELLOW-OUTDOOR-Manetti







C-M-Arrotato da crudo-Ma (6)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Arrotato da crudo-Ma (6)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosa Natura Corrimano-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosa Natura Corrimano-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosa Natura Listello-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosa Natura Listello-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Anticato Listello-Fu-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Anticato Listello-Fu-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Anticato-Fu-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Anticato-Fu-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (2)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (2)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Spessorato Rustico-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Spessorato Rustico-Fu (1)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Spessorato Rustico-Fu (3)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Spessorato Rustico-Fu (3)-RED-OUTDOOR-Furnó



C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (3)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (3)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (2)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (2)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (3)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (3)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (4)-RED-OUTDOOR

C-M-Taglio Filo-Ma (4)-RED-OUTDOOR-Manetti


Finish Grezzo for outdoor application

Finish Grezzo for outdoor application is the brick without any processing, just as it comes out of the mold and then from the wood-burning oven. With this type of finish identifies the part of the sandblasted brick: slightly rough and natural. It is the most ancient and traditional finish. In this case the use of the release agent (limo) plays a fundamental role both in terms of grain (finer or rougher) and in terms of color. Various types of GREZZA finish are available to satisfy the client's aesthetic and functional needs. This finish is particularly recommended for outdoor flooring as it is naturally anti-slip (CERTIMAC test reports can be downloaded from the site), for masonry (facing walls, column cladding, external thresholds / stairs and in attics or for those who love authenticity of the real handmade brick Your good taste combined with our wisdom will be the best combination for the choice of brick.

Finish Carteggiato for outdoor application

Finish Carteggiato for outdoor application is the finish that removes from the brick part of the surface roughness on the sanded side. This effect is obtained by roughly sanding the brick manually on the sanded part. The result is to soften the surface without altering the appearance of the artisan brick which at this point will no longer be uniformly rough (sanded) but will present parts of the surface softer and flattened to the touch. The surface of the brick seems to have an aspect worn by the daily trampling that has lasted for many years. This finish is used almost exclusively for indoor and outdoor flooring. It is particularly suitable for historical restoration and renovation of old farmhouses. The color of the joints and the width of the same during laying determine the use: in a classic way (large and gray colored) or modern (very narrow and matching joints the color of the brick) ideal in warm and welcoming environments. It is advisable to re-sand with the aid of single brush machines and very fine sandpaper after laying and before carrying out the treatment: the result will be to remove the small bumps between one brick and the other due to the laying of a handmade material, while maintaining the same character and style. A carpet of bricks all the same but each different from the other with light and warm shades of color will be the result of a skilful work that begins with the extraction of the earth and ends with the treatment of the floor. 

Ars Vetus finish for indoor and outdoor application

The Ars Vetus finish for indoor and outdoor application is the fruit of continuous research in respect of materials and ancient traditions. Born from the aesthetic and functional need to find a suitable brick for the restoration of the Flavio amphitheater in Rome (Colosseum): the superintendency was looking for the "perfect" brick. After a period of research we managed to find the right work that could give the brick the desired characteristics. This is a vibro finish with the use of inert material that is carried out after the firing can give the brick the effect and the taste of a real lived brick, to the point of being indistinguishable from the more expert eye. This type of processing also represents a sort of selection since the brick is subjected to high stresses for more than 30 minutes: if the brick has imperfections it would not exceed this stress and would break. The bricks that resist are sure that they are qualitatively perfect both in terms of cooking and inert content contained within (calcinello). The result obtained is comparable to a recovery brick, uniformly worn by weather and bad weather. The corners are slightly rounded and the surface is very smooth, velvety to the touch while still maintaining the imperfect characteristics of the hand-made brick. Born out of the need to restore an important historical structure, this finish has always found a greater application in the private market over time. Its charm is due to the exaltation of the material in its simplicity: the velvety and soft surface to the touch, the warm shades of color of the brick paste offer welcoming environments with both classic and extremely modern design. It is recommended both for the inside and outside, as a floor or for the masonry (columns, jambs, facing walls, etc.): its ductility is due to the fact that the processing concerns all parts of the brick and not only a face. It can be treated with decorations and enamels that give a touch of particularity to an already unique and inimitable product. Ars Vetus is a registered trademark of Fornace Bernasconi.