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Gladly taking your call (+31 6 55891231) or mail (terrecotteeurope@gmail.comto make an appointment for presentation

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3D Architecten

Novono is a Berlin and Lisbon based team of young, multidisciplinary creatives dedicated to the practice of emotional, functional and at all times elegant design. Their diverse, highly motivated team of professionals includes interior designers, architects, graphic designers and project managers.

Piastrelle is a design studio and showroom located in the Amsterdam Museum district. At the heart of Piastrelle is the commitment to understanding the needs of each client. Piastrelle's motivation is to present exemplary design services and value solutions, from concept to completion of each project. Partnering with clients, listening intently to establish quality and innovative design solutions, while crafting the project with a long term vision of design and sustainability.

Bureau voor Restauratie Erfgoed Joep Selen is a building consultancy agency. Selen's passion is the renovation or restoration of monumental buildings, giving them a new future for contemporary use. Monumental buildings that have been empty for years that need a new use are Selen's area of expertise; their challenge is to restore monumental buildings so that the "grown" state and history remain visible.