Terrecotte Europe specialize in providing highly qualitative handmade terracotta wall and floor tiling, building materials for renovation and restoration and pottery from a selective number of Italian and Spanish producers, who have a long history of producing outstanding handmade terracotta. Being a natural material, terracotta and its wonderfully charming look creates joyful living and is available in various colours and finishes to suit your taste. We happily invite consumers, architects and designers to enjoy our products in their designs. We are dedicated to contributing to the architectural and designing process by presentation of designs, applications, samples and information on installation and maintenance of our products. All our products meet the required standards. Terrecotte Europe - Naturally dedicated

WELCOME TO TERRECOTTE EUROPE                                                                             AN INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE FOR DESIGNERS

Top carrousel:

Marble Mix Molite-Co (5)

Marble Mix Molite-Co (5)-Cotto Antiqua

S-HM-Ad Hoc-Be (6)

S-HM-Ad Hoc-Be (6)-Bernasconi

C-HM-Classica Tradizionale-Co (2)-INDOOR

C-HM-Classica Tradizionale-Co (2)-INDOOR-Cotto Antiqua

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-OUTDOOR

C-HM-Grezzo Stonalizzato-Be-OUTDOOR-Bernasconi

C-HM-Varicoloured Variegato 3Colori-Po (2)-INDOOR

C-HM-Varicoloured Variegato 3Colori-Po (2)-INDOOR-Polirone

P-Semicerchio firenze-Tr

P-Semicerchio firenze-Tr-Terrecotte RAM

S-Cielo Mix-Be

S-Cielo Mix-Be-Bernasconi

Crystal clear SAMPLE IMAGES available here

Providing architects and designers with an inspirational guide on hand crafted and machine made terracotta and some ideas on Delft Blue and marble mix Molite, we are proud to share with you the great and lasting passion our producers have had for the natural product over the centuries.


Our selection of hand crafted terracotta tiling in various colours and designs, marble mix tiling and Delft Blue and 'Witjes' will inspire you ...

Hand crafted terracotta wall tiling

Hand painted delft blue wall tiling

Delft blue wall tiling 'Witjes'

S-HM-Fumo di Londra Lucido-Be

S-HM-Fumo di Londra Lucido-Be-Bernasconi

S-Decoration Delft Blue-Al (23)

S-Decoration Delft Blue-Al (23)-Albarello

S-Delft blue - Witjes - Craquele-Al

S-Delft blue - Witjes - Craquele-Al-Albarello


Available in 'plain' yellow and red in various designs, also dark, chocolate and multi-coloured hand and machine made terracotta floors are available amongst which a number of historic floors ...

Hand crafted terracotta floor tiling

Hand crafted terracotta floor tiling

Machine made terracotta floor tiling

C-HM-Classica Tradizionale-Co (2)

C-HM-Classica Tradizionale-Co (2)-Cotto Antiqua

C-HM-Tradizionale-Ma (3)

C-HM-Tradizionale-Ma (3)-Manetti

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (1)

C-M-Cotto Estruso-Rosato Natura-Fu (1)-Furnó


Our terracotta producers have a rich history in manually producing building materials, dating back to early medieval times. Continuing their exceptional skills in ancient manual techniques for the production of these materials, our producers perform their production processes in accordance with the measurements as requested by the client. A large variety of materials is available, in particular with regards to restoration of historic buildings. For detailed information on building materials please contact us ...

Terrecotte Europe building materials

Terrecotte Europe building materials


BM-Classica--Cotto Antiqua

BM-Classica-Co (1)

BM-Classica-Co (1)-Cotto Antiqua


Ancient Italian marble being used in a most fashionable way, applicable for all sorts of interior elements such as floors and walls, stairs, kitchen tops and sinks and even tables, this patented mix 'Molite', consisting of a mix of 80% pure marble, converts any space to wonderfully stylish living environments. View designs, colours and finishes for Molite floors... For detailed information on Molite please contact us ...

Marble Molite-Co (12)

Marble Molite-Co (12)-Cotto Antiqua

Marble Molite-Co (30)

Marble Molite-Co (30)-Cotto Antiqua

Marble Molite-Co (16)

Marble Molite-Co (16)-Cotto Antiqua


With amazing attention to detail, our producers create stunning terracotta pottery in all sizes and shapes. All pottery is frostresistant and hand made of the finest Italian clay from the Padania, Tuscan, Pienza and Impruneta region. 

P-Cassetta Ovale (Decorata)

P-Cassetta Ovale (Decorata)-Terrecotte RAM

P-Angolo Festonato-Tr

P-Angolo Festonato-Tr-Terrecotte RAM

P-Pilone Treccia-Tr

P-Pilone Treccia-Tr-Terrecotte RAM

Terrecotte Europe are currently working

on the following projects:

by Architects

Project Leipzig

Renovation to its original state of 1000 m2 16th & 17th century building from the DDR-period

Spencer Park, London

Renovation private villa; handmade Antico Restauro terracotta flooring and hand made terracotta staircase.

P Joseph Architects, London

Spencer Park, London

Renovation private villa

Harris Calnan

Omorovicza, Budapest

Retail Beauty Concept: Terracotta flooring for new Omorovicza outlet in Budapest

P Joseph Architects, London

Westlandgracht, Amsterdam

Penthouse flooring: machine made Arrotato da Crudo Quadrato tile, Finish Rustic.

Urban Echoes, Amsterdam

De Knotwilg, Amsterdam

School project: terracotta floor tiling 13x13 and terracotta tiles for outside facade 30x30

Urban Echoes, Amsterdam

Historic private villa & Wine cellar, The Netherlands

Floor and wall renovation with hand crafted red terracotta

Kodde Architecten, Amsterdam

Mercury Tower, Malta

Terracotta louvers for swimming pool area

Zaha Hadid Architects, London